February 26-27, 2020 at the Durham Convention Center

Submission Deadline: Rolling Acceptance 

Speakers will begin being notified by: End of November early December

TSQA 2020 features internationally-known speakers and workshop leaders sharing cutting-edge knowledge, emerging technologies and trends in the QA space (industry). This conference invites speakers to participate in track sessions, half-day workshops, and full-day workshops.

Submit your proposal in the form below to participate in the Premiere Software Testing conference and workshops of the Carolinas.

As the space of software testing expands, it’s paramount for companies to keep up with new innovations and software trends. For this reason, this year’s theme is SPAC. Specifically, the SPACE of Testing.

Talks may or may not relate to space. The theme is intended as a loose framework to orbit. In other words, join us in using the theme in your talk if you like, It will be fun!

Here are a few examples:

Examples – To Help you Get Creative!

·      Milky way of mobile tools: Choosing the right one

·      How to start your agile journey from absolute zero

·      Avoiding the test automation supernova

·      Dark matter of DevOps testing

·      Avoiding the black holes of Agile testing

·      How to best manage test teams distributed across planets

·      Test Martians: An intro to mobile testing

·      How to ensure your automation won’t even break 1 million light years away

·      How to know when you’re ready to launch your CI/CD pipeline

·      How to keep unscheduled com-mits from knocking your sprint goals out of orbit

·      Eclipse/moon phases of Agile testing

We are accepting session talks and workshops in the greatest and latest areas of QA and Testing:

·      Agile Testing

·      Test Leadership

·      Continuous Testing

·      Test Automation Tools & Skills

·      Testing in DevOps

·      Unit Testing

·      BDD/ATDD

·      Performance Testing

·      Test Strategy, Planning, & Metrics

·      QA & Process Improvement 

·      Security Testing

·      Mobile Testing

·      Shifting Left


Speaker Benefits:

·      Travel for non-local speakers up to $500

·      Hotel arranged and taken care of by TSQA for non-local speakers

·      Speak at conference session for $350

·      Deliver a full ($1,000) of half-day ($500) workshop 

Length of Presentations:

Session Talks: 50 minutes

Half-day workshop: 3.5 hours  

Full-day workshop: 7 hours

Submittal Tips: Please avoid sales pitches during submission and presentations.

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