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Some of our scheduled 2018 speakers

Costa Avradopoulos

Costa is a recognized thought leader with over 25 years experience in software development, from requirements, to delivery and process engineering. Prior roles include Developer, Tester, Automation Engineer, QA Director, Product Manager, and CTO, managing complex systems of over 100M users in every major industry. A visionary innovator, he has devoted much of his career to emerging technologies, culminating with a breakthrough invention, a patented mobile technology.  Costa is a frequent speaker, and is currently writing a book titled “Winning Mobile Strategies – Bridging the Quality Gap”. 


Kennth Pugh

Ken Pugh helps companies evolve into lean-agile organizations through training and coaching. His special interests are in collaborating on requirements, delivering business value, and using lean principles to deliver high quality quickly. Ken trains, mentors, and testifies on technology topics from object-oriented design to Linux/Unix. He has written several programming books, including the 2006 Jolt Award winner Prefactoring and his latest: Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Better Software Through Collaboration. Ken has helped clients from London to Boston to Sydney to Beijing to Hyderabad. He features Acceptance Test-Driven Development / Behavior Driven Development based on his book.


Jenny Bramble 

Jenny came up through support and devops, cutting her teeth on that interesting role that acts as the 'translator' between customer requests from support and the development team.  Her love of support and the human side of problems lets her find a sweet spot between empathy for the user and empathy for my team.  She's done testing, support, or human interfacing for most of her career.  She finds herself happiest when she's making an impact on other people--whether it's helping find issues in applications, leading scrum, speaking at events, or just grabbing coffee and chatting.  

Philip Lew.jpg

Philip Lew

Philip Lew is the CEO at XBOSoft. XBOSoft's software QA and software testing services help their clients deliver products to market faster and with higher quality; an ever-increasing challenge as software not only eats the word, but becomes more complex and prevalent on platforms we have yet to imagine. As a Corporate Executive, Development Manager, Product Manager and Software Engineer, Philip has managed teams to tackle broken processes, develop solutions to difficult problems, and coached other be leaders, managers and experts. He leverages his academic background in operations research, industrial engineering and computer science combined with hands on work experience with programming, predictive modeling and algorithm development to work with clients and colleagues around the world. For his hobbies, he rides a bicycle, and travels the world to quest his thirst for exploration and learning.


Olga Muravyeva

Olga has specialized in Quality Assurance and Testing over the last 14 years with a focus on Test Management. Started in commercial software development domain, she switched to finance industry later, gaining exposure to wide variety of technologies and testing techniques, mostly in functional testing area. Had experience with large scale government projects like building the software for unified national exams and population registration. Special interest is Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes setup and improvement. In her current role, she is responsible for defining and driving the Quality Assurance efforts for a set of enterprise tools for software development lifecycle, and leading local Quality Assurance and Testing community of practice.


Once again TISQA is hosting a conference to help your Career Development at ridiculously low prices.   This event has gotten rave reviews in the past, not only from attendees, but also from our presenters who speak at many national and international conferences.

The TISQA Conference allows for the perfect opportunity for you to network with fellow Software Professionals in the Triangle. You even earn CPE credits towards professional certifications and recertification.  

Who Should Attend?

  • Agile Practitioners  
  • Software Developers
  • Software Test and/or QA Professionals   
  • Software Development Managers
  • QA and Test Managers   
  • IT Software Team Members
  • Anyone else interested in learning and expanding their knowledge

Do you provide value?


"Can anyone test?  What skills distinguish truly great testers? How can testers master the  fundamentals expected of modern software testers? What innovative software testing strategies should you and your colleagues consider adopting? Join discussions led by nationally and internationally-respected testing experts on these topics and more in a networking-friendly environment.”



Who is TISQA?

TISQA (Triangle Information Systems Quality Association) is a non-profit organization dedicated to software quality, based in the Research Triangle Park area since 1993. TISQA promotes and encourages the improvement of information systems quality practices and principles through networking, training, and professional development opportunities. TISQA is a federation chapter of the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI). More information about TISQA can be found at our website:

Triangle’s Software Quality Conference

We invite you to participate in the premiere Software Testing conference and workshops of the Carolinas. Come on out and join us for a two day confirmation that testing is alive and kicking!!

We will gather to confirm that indeed Software Testing is alive and well and more valuable than ever. The theme for this conference challenges a notion of “What is a tester” as the role has changed over the years from Waterfall/Agile and beyond.

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